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GOS's agenda
  • Fête de la BD - Stand Glénat
    Bruxelles - Place du Palais Royal
    (Bruxelles / Belgique)
    - Saturday, the 3rd September 2016, from 15h00 to 17h00

WALT's agenda
  • Bd Village - Cora de Messancy
    (Province de Luxembourg / Belgique)
    - Friday, the 30th September 2016, from 16h00 to 18h00


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  • June 2nd 2015
    Introducing the Maghen Gallery, modification of the schedule display.
  • May 5th 2014
    If you want to see / buy original drawings, a new item available in the tools bar !
  • April 21th 2014
    The Technology and the timestamps finally displayed on the website!
    The character page also enriches stakeholder of the first two albums.
  • February 27th 2014
    The places are discovered on the site, and this is the first album that wipes plasters! Watch this page...
  • February 27th 2014
    For the characters, you can now discover the categorized. Follow this page...
  • February 12th 2014
    The Galaxians arrive on our website ! Discover them on this page.
  • February 4th 2014
    Launch of the first version and the main pages

Walt, co-author of Scrameustache
Walt, co-author of Scrameustache
(writer and illustrator)

Walter Goosens, alias WALT, son of Roland Goossens, alias Gos, was born in Brussels September 16th, 1966 .

Very early, he became interested in drawing with his father as a model. We may say he fell into the franco-belgian comic strips culture as a small child.

At the age of three, he crawls under his father's desk and manages to spill the ink pot on a nearly finished page! This was his first try at the job... He liked it so much, he tried again later, with a cup of coffee on a just ended drawing of "Gil Jourdan".

Walt at work

Walter devoures greedily (let's say eyed greedily) the whole family comic strips library. At the age of 10, he exercices in lettering, wishing to help his father. He is 12, when he attends the Art School of Anderlecht, every evening for six years.

In 1982 (he is 16, going on 17), he helps Gos with inking and bringing finishing touch. It all begins with the album "La saga de Thorgull", "Le Secret des Trolls", "Les Kromoks en folie". In the album "Le Stagiaire", he drew and scenarised "Le Satellite fou" almost by himself.

In 1989, the album number 19, "Les Figueuleuses" Walt produced the original synopsis, helping with scenario and dialogues, finishing the drawing, and handling inking and lettering. lLater, the sinopsys is initiated either by GOS or WALT, and this way of cooperating will applie for most of the following volumes.

However, in the album "Le bêtisier galaxien", Walt ensures only the drawing and the two albums "Le Président galaxien" and "Tempête chez les Figueuleuses", he manages scenario and drawing, animating the characters he created.

For thirty years and thirty albums, Walt and Gos therefore collaborate variably as coauthors, as the scenario that drawing, on the series " The Scrameustache " .

Walt is also responsible for the development of Galaxians now , those little green aliens, friendly and mischievous , who took a prominent place in the world of Scrameustache and will soon be a spin-off series ... and a dedicated site!

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